Cultural Digitalization

Digitization of cultural heritage becomes a matter of national importance
and dynamically enters into the policy area run by the public administration. There are many reasons for this turn of events – the intensive development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) enabled the efficient maintenance of important cultural artifacts. The existence of digital images of culture means that there are additional opportunities for dissemination of culture through the use of the Internet. This makes it possible to overcome many barriers to access to culture- Even geographic ones. Also, digital culture – is the important part of the common good – it is becoming increasingly popular the material from which the goods and services enter the market
giving jobs and driving growth inside so today an important internet economy. Just a few years ago, thinking about the inheritance and its social role was different. Today we understand better and better that digital culture and the digitization process itself has the promise of a positive impact on welfare through innovation in cultural services.
And – more broadly – the socio-economic development resulting from the stimulation of social change or business activity. Poland The administration is committed to supporting the digitization process so that this opportunity is socially exploited to the maximum.